On another planet in another universe, humans have flourished in a water-covered planet. All was well until a large underwater volcano erupted, awakening an ancient species of creatures called the Unke. Entirely unprepared, the island of Paros was completely overrun by the Unke. Now 50 years after these events known as The Awakening the humans of the world continue to fight these Unke. The human race struggles to maintain control of the Unke and must band together to ensure that humans are the species that survive this war and not the Unke. 


  • Use W, A, S, D, or the arrow keys to move Rook.
  • W/up arrow: Moves player up.
  • A/left arrow: Moves player to the left.
  • S/down arrow: Moves player down.
  • D/right arrow: Moves player to the right.
  • Right click throws a rock to distract the Unke.
  • Left click shoots your gun. 
  • Use the mouse to navigate the menus.


Created by: James Klock, Joe Butkus, Jessica Potter, and Chun-Tse Huang.